By which I can connect the ethereum live network.

web3 = Web3(HTTPProvider(''))

Here I want to put a ethereum live network .

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If you already have Geth installed globally, running the command geth in your terminal will connect. As follow,

enter image description here

If don't have it installed, refer this find how to install a client including geth.

If you are using windows this post may help you guiding through that.

Refer this GitHub wiki page to get an idea about connecting to networks in general

Refer this question as well.

And option --rpc together with geth (i.e. geth --rpc) will open the HTTP_RPC server (by default address is localhost and port is 8545. Check here for more options). This will start running a full node with RPC port open. Then you can use your above command.


If you have a node running (that is connected to the "mainnet"), fully synced and has the relevant RPC ports open, then this should work.

If you don't want to run a full node locally - or a light client - you could always use Infura's "mainnet" end-point

  • Using infaura it is fine . But how could I create and and run my own node ? please tell the process . Commented Sep 19, 2017 at 11:18
  • using infura how could I use 'sendTransaaction' ? Commented Sep 20, 2017 at 7:11

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