I want to use cpp-ethereum aleth smart contracts sources in my altcoin project. My sources can compile with cmake or autotools system. I tried two ways to compile cpp-ethereum with my sources:

  1. Using cmake build system, I had added aleth as git submodules, then in my CMakeLists.txt putted this command add_subdirectory(src/cpp-ethereum) and then received an error:

CMake Error at src/cpp-ethereum/CMakeLists.txt:8 (message): Git submodules not initialized, execute:

git submodule update --init

So, I understood that CMakeLists.txt in aleth sources designed for stand alone compiling...

  1. Using autotools build system: I had put all dependencies, cpp-ethereum (aleth) sources into my project dir. Put all paths into Makefile.am and configure.ac scripts, but during compile received dependencies sources errors: enter image description here

Please, give me some instructions how can I compile my sources (no matter, with using autotools or cmake, but will be better with cmake of course) with cpp-ethereum sources with all dependencies in a single binary. Thanks in advance!


Adding --enable-module-ecdh in configure.ac and crypto++ 5.65 sources resolved a problem for autotools build. But, maybe can anyone to know how to do it with cmake?

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