When I using ethconsole to deal with a private chain. I hope it can connects to another node which I get the node information. But the command "web3.admin.addPeer("enode://...@",function () { console.log(arguments) })" return an error. That is "BigNumber Error: new BigNumber() not a number: enode://...@ ". What happened here? How to connect to another node by using ethconsole in cpp-ethereum client?


According to this you are able to use the following command in the console admin.addPeer(url)

This is the example given by the docs: admin.addPeer("enode://a979fb575495b8d6db44f750317d0f4622bf4c2aa3365d6af7c284339968eef29b69ad0dce72a4d8db5ebb4968de0e3bec910127f134779fbcb0cb6d3331163c@")

Maybe you could try the same without the web3.

  • Thank you for replay. But what I'm using is ethconsole which just have node.js code. If I just enter "web3.admin.addPeer("enode://...@")" that will return an error like "Error: You tried to send "miner_addPeer" synchronously. Synchronous requests are not supported by the IPC provider". And if I try that without the "web3." that just cannot use. – Whisperd130 Mar 19 '18 at 2:33
  • And I believe the command of doc in example is for go-ethereum, and I have use cpp-ethereum. I have not see any guild in the website. – Whisperd130 Mar 19 '18 at 2:43

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