I have recently ported my code to solidity 0.4.11 and have been noticing some warning errors upon declaring 'string' variables while declaring structs.

struct person {
    string name;
    string physicalAddress;

the warning I have been getting is: Variable is declared as a storage pointer. Use an explicit "storage" keyword to silence the warning. Suggestions on how to get rid of this warning? Also I am trying to understand the usage of storage and memory keywords - could anyone help explain the utility patterns of these keywords?

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    at least you sould not use address as a variable name
    – Badr Bellaj
    Jul 15, 2017 at 8:28

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This issue has been reported before in github and it was fixed in the patch below https://github.com/ethereum/solidity/pull/2551. Therefore, the solution is to upgrade your compiler.
NB : the compiler 0.4.14 is out since (2017-07-31)



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