I have a fully filled struct ( in memory ), I want to store it ( in storage ), but I can't convert it. I've tested many ways and I got two kinds of errors:

  • copying of type struct of Player memory[] memory to storage not yet supported

  • explicit conversion error

      mapping(uint256 => Match) public matchList;
      struct Team {
      Player[] players;
      struct Player {
      address username;
      uint256 index;
      uint256 payableInUSD;
      struct MatchOption {
      uint256 entry;
      uint256 date;
      uint256 createAt;
      uint256 matchId;
      struct Match {
      MatchOption matchOption;
      Team[] teams;
      uint256 price;
      uint256 createAt;
     specificMatch   // this is a Match(struct) in memory, I have it fully 
     filled from frontend
      Match[] storage copiedMatch= specificMatch;  // THIS DOESN'T WORK
      matchList[0] = copiedMatch;

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You can't explicitly fill your new specificMatch array in deployment of the code. Rather, you would have to create a function to fill the new array with the structs you wish to store in it. As a state variable, these would automatically then be stored in storage.

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