I installed Parity for Windows recently with the latest version 1.4.3-beta.

The syncing was going fast to start but now on 2,400,000 blocks is goes extremely slow to the point of doing only a few blocks a second.

Homestead button is green, but peers is listed as 0/25/25.

I have seen some posts saying to run with --warp, but also seen others saying that option is deprecated. The way I am running is just by double clicking the icon on my desktop (Windows).

What is the reason the sync is going so slowly?

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The reason why it's so slow is due to the DoS attacks last fall. Check this question for more details.

However, this should not happen if you synchronize in --warp mode. To do that, you have to restart your node with parity.exe --warp, i.e., by creating a bat-file or a shortcut with that parameter.

And finally, there seems to be an issue with the Windows installer. Version 1.4.3 is not supported anymore. Try to update to the latest version 1.5.12 (stable) or 1.6.5 (beta).

Disclosure, I work for Parity.

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