I have been running a geth testnet instance for the last 2 months and learning this. But after the hard-fork i have seen the syncing to be extremely slow. I updated geth to Version: 1.7.0-stable.

eth.syncing shows:

  currentBlock: 1701957,
  highestBlock: 1711644,
  knownStates: 0,
  pulledStates: 0,
  startingBlock: 1699999

I am still behind < 10,000 blocks. Is there anything else I need to to do apart from updating geth to latest. Any help, would be appreciated. :)

  • What hardware do you use for this node?
    – eth7
    Apr 29, 2019 at 10:55
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I was able to solve this issue by removing the --bootnodes flag when starting geth. This was the bottleneck, as when I removed this statement and restarted geth, all the syncing started happening at a good pace.

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You can try to use geth flag --syncmode "fast". This can run the fast syncing mode.

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