I am trying to run a full mainnet node on AWS EC2. I received the following warning WARN [09-29|12:33:51.514] Post-merge network, but no beacon client was seen. Please launch one to follow the chain!, which I understand I need to run consensus client (lighthouse in my case) along with execution client (geth in my case).

I set up my geth client with the following code:

sudo geth --mainnet \
    --datadir "/data/ethereum" \
    --http --http.api="personal,eth,net,web3,txpool" \
    --ws --ws.api="personal,eth,net,web3,txpool" \
    --port "35555" \
    --authrpc.vhosts="localhost" \

Q1: Now, out of vhosts, authrpc.port and http.port, which port is the one my lighthouse client needs to connect to? I thought it is --authrpc.port but I receive following error when I run my lighthouse client.

Sep 29 12:41:29.154 CRIT Failed to update execution head error: ExecutionLayerMissing, service: beacon

How I start my light-house client.

sudo ./lighthouse beacon_node
    --network mainnet \
    --datadir "/data/ethereum" \
    --http \
    --execution-endpoint= \
    --execution-jwt= /home/ubuntu/jwtsecret

Q2: Do I need to wait my geth client to fully synced before I start my lighthouse client?

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  1. --authrpc.port is what your consensus client needs to connect to your execution client (geth). If you don't specify anything when you start yout geth, the port 8551 will be used by default. Then you can start your consensus client with --execution-endpoint=http://localhost:8551.
  2. Correct. Your geth will not start sync unless lighthouse is synced fully.

add JWT: https://github.com/remyroy/ethstaker/blob/main/merge-goerli-prater.md

remove testnets:

geth.service: --goerli \

lighthousebeacon.service: --network prater \

add geth.service: --syncmode full \

get latest version beacon node, today is lighthouse-v3.2.1-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz.

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