I am new to blockchain and was trying to create two nodes with one bootnode.

bootnode is successfully created


command used in bootnode

bootnode -nodekey ./boot.key -verbosity 7 -addr

node1 is also running

command used in node 1

geth --networkid 14333 --datadir ./data --bootnodes enode://xxxxx@ --port 30303 --ipcdisable --syncmode 'full' --http --allow-insecure-unlock --http.corsdomain “*” --http.port 8546 --unlock '0xxxxx' --password password.txt --mine console


command used for node 2

geth --networkid 14333 --datadir ./data --bootnodes enode://xxxxx@ --port 30304 --ipcdisable --syncmode 'full' --http --allow-insecure-unlock --http.corsdomain “*” --http.port 8547 --unlock 'xxxxx' --password password.txt --mine console

is showing the following error

Fatal: Error starting protocol stack: listen tcp bind: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted.

Kindly provide a solution to address this issue. Thanks in advance

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Replace --http.port 8547 to --authrpc.port 8547. It's worked for me.

geth --networkid 14333 --datadir ./data --bootnodes enode://xxxxx@ --port 30304 --ipcdisable --syncmode 'full' --http --allow-insecure-unlock --http.corsdomain “*” --authrpc.port 8547 --unlock 'xxxxx' --password password.txt --mine console


If you run geth --help

you will see that 8551 is the default port of --authrpc.port

--authrpc.port value (default: 8551)

So you could specify a different --authrpc.port for node 1 to node 3

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