I have created a network using raft consensus using quorum-wizard. I have created another node on a vm using this tutorial. I want to attach the single node to the network. for that I have followed this tutorial. But I'm always getting

rafthttp: failed to find member 3 in cluster 1000
rafthttp: failed to find member 2 in cluster 1000
rafthttp: failed to find member 1 in cluster 1000

and logs of quorum network shows this error

rafthttp: peer 4 became active
rafthttp: failed to dial 4 on stream MsgApp v2 (peer 4 failed to find local node 2)
rafthttp: peer 4 became inactive (message send to peer failed)

How to add new peer to the quorum network?

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As the new node is running from within a VM, this issue is most probably a network issue that's why the nodes are not able to communicate with each other. To double check that maybe use nc or telnet commands.

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