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Trying to establish an Ethereum Cooperative, trying to develop an INCOTERMS DASHBOARD for the multi trillion dollar industry of world trade, and get this, via smart contract per INCOTERMS and also working on a bulk buy order fulfilment methodology based on combined purchasing powers and economies of scale. Rockhound and prospector. Hate politics, but it's an unhealthy relationship like my first marriage. Love economics and economic development, competing methodology and alternatives. No fan of Global Banksters or Insurance Industry or Big Pharma or any other special interest or Corporate Master that bribes governments. Anti Globalism and Police State and Anti War all the way. Former wrestler and mixed martial artist, of the warrior class be it on mat or in Muay Thai class. I am a thinker. I am a homebrewer. And now it's time to be an inventor. Former party animal. Seems life was better when my Rotweiller was alive. Plan on rescuing a dog one day, maybe an old dog or one with health problems so we can take care of each other. A visionary that demands a better landscape and this is why I like competing currencies and cryptocurrency, and am intrigued by Ethereum. Contact me if you want to create an Ethereum Cooperative or sponsor or develop the INCOTERMS DASHBOARD.

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