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Questions tagged [secure-signer]

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Securing Access to User Balances in Ethereum Smart Contract

I'm working on a Mobile app where users sign up, and they are assigned public and private keys. However, these keys are never actually shared with the users but are stored in the database. I want to ...
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How are blockchain apps secured?

I would like to know how does the process of authentication work and how are the private keys used for signing transactions? For eg while using email : We log-in to our accounts and send as many ...
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3 answers

Cannot connect to Parity from browser UI

I am not able to connect to Parity via the browser UI. I have tried multiple times with different tokens generated by running the command parity signer new-token on the node where parity is running. ...
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Unable to make a connection to the Parity Secure API

Parity V1.4.9 giving this error on startup frequently. Unable to make a connection to the Parity Secure API. To update your secure token or to generate a new one, run parity signer new-token and ...
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