I read Ethereum HD wallet collision? and I'm really scared. The user generates an already used private key and gets access to money from another man. IMHO it is scary. Or do I misunderstand something?

After reading that post I think what method the most secure: Keystore File, Mnemonic Phrase 24 words, Mnemonic Phrase 25 words.

My dilettante thoughts say to me that the most secure method is the last (Mnemonic Phrase 25 words).

But I have decided to ask the community because I'm a newbie in that question.

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As mentioned in the question you linked, the mnemonic phrase was set to undefined. Another user was likely running into the same issue, causing the same mnemonic phrase to be used multiple times. This was not a collision in a randomly generated mnemonic phrase.

24 word long mnemonic phrases are generated from 256 bits of entropy, which is the same length as a standard Ethereum private key. You can use a passphrase to increase the entropy of the mnemonic phrase further.


You have misunderstood what you read.

Ethereum seed phrases are safe.

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