I am new to Ethereum world and I would like to know if developers who desire to deploy their smart contract in the Ethereum mainnet or testnet, need to create previously a digital wallet with real or test Ether respectively. ???

In other words, is the following process from a developer's perspective correct?

  1. Create digital wallet (is create account more correct ???)
  2. Fund wallet with real or test ether (is fund account more correct ???)
  3. Write Smart contract
  4. Compile code
  5. Deploy smart contract
  • For testing purposes use remix.ethereum.org an IDE for solidity development. For deploying to a testnet a address is required.
    – Ismael
    Apr 8, 2021 at 4:03

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I'm no expert but all you need is a compatible wallet that can hold ERC20 Token, there are many wallets out there compatible to ERC-20 tokens, most popular ones Trust, Metamask..

you deploy the smart contract and connect wallet, and that's it, your tokens are send to your wallet...

there is no need to create a hard wallet such specifically for Android, Ios, you can, but I think you just want to create a token and have the tokens in a wallet right?

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