I have been reading about RSK lately and was wondering about the compatibility and possibilities, so I wanted to ask for some basic info in case there's someone more knowleadgable.

I have a smart contract running on the Ethereum network. The contract is based on the ERC20 standard. So, this smart contract, with its setup today, would it be possible to make it use the RSK network instead of Ethereum?

If yes, what could be the pros and cons? Eg. cheaper/faster transactions.

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    Fair question - upvoted. Just the final part though: Ethereum node count is currently ~11,100 (ethernodes.org), Bitcoin node count is ~10,500 (bitnodes.io). Not sure how users could be quantified, but an estimate of relative use could be made from the fees being paid on the two networks (Ethereum is several times bigger) -> cryptofees.info Mar 1 at 17:36
  • (Thinking about it, this question might be better answered on the Bitcoin SE site: bitcoin.stackexchange.com) Mar 1 at 18:08
  • Fair enough. I wasn't sure where would be the best place, but opted for the ETH SE site cuz the original platform from which I start the problem is ETH. I'll ask there as well, with reference to this Q. :) Thanks. Mar 1 at 21:06

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