I am trying to implement the simple storage.

When calling set function, the contract will append a new Log object to logs array, and also return the related index to the caller for reference data.

The problem is I cannot get returned index, it is always empty.

How can I get the index from calling set function?

pragma solidity ^0.5.0;

contract Storage {
    struct Log {
        string fname;
        string lname;
        string dob;
    mapping (uint => Log) logs;

    uint index = 0;

    function set(string memory fname, string memory lname, string memory dob) public returns (uint) {
        logs[index] = Log(fname, lname, dob);
        return (index);

    function get(uint idx) public view returns (string memory, string memory, string memory) {
        return (logs[idx].fname, logs[idx].lname, logs[idx].dob);

In Remix, you need to click on the [vm]from:0xca3... line in the console at the bottom after you've called the function. There will be a row in the table labeled decoded output which will give you the return value.

  • 1
    decoded output always empty, it is incorrect value
    – Alongkorn
    Mar 26 '19 at 2:38

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