What i am attempting to do is elementary, adding a struct to a storage array. But for some reason I am getting the following error

TypeError: Indexed expression has to be a type, mapping or array (is function (struct KYC.Fraud storage ref) returns (uint256))

contract KYC {
    struct Fraud {
         address bank;
         bytes32 accountNumber;
         bytes32 routingNumber;
         uint256 amount;
         uint256 timestamp;

    Fraud[] frauds; 

    function reportFraud (address bank, bytes32 accountNumber, bytes32 routingNumber, uint256 amount) external returns(uint256 fraudID) {
        Fraud memory fraud = Fraud(bank, accountNumber, routingNumber, amount, now);
        return frauds.length - 1;

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push is a function. You're using brackets as if it's an array where you lookup the index of a struct, which is what's causing your error. Just change push[fraud] to push(fraud).


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