Trying to understand memory in blockchain for sharing reference of array as common storage for multiple mappings.

Let's say there is a need for following relationships. So there will be products keep created and added into the products array. I would like to create mapping of the product with some key in uint256 and also mapping for the customer to products relationship, shown below.

Product[] Products;
mapping(uint256 => Product) ProductsMap;
mapping(address => mapping(uint256 => Product) CustomerProductsMap;

So let's say there was new product created with unique id in uint256,

uint256 Id = 1;
Product memory newProduct =  Product({
   id: Id,
   name: "toy",
   price: 100000

And we add this to array, for quick GET external function.


And we add key-val pair for quick look up, such that:

ProductsMap[Id] = newProduct; 

And now, I would like to create customer - product relationship using the same instance.

CustomerProductsMap[customerAddress][Id] = newProduct;

So here is the question, When the value of newProduct updated such that:

ProductsMap[1].price = 200000

Can I assume that this product's price now changed regardless of which map / array I use to look up? I hope they all referencing to same memory.

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No, you have created three copies of the same data.

Can't recommend something for this case but usually having a mapping from ID to Product and storing ID instead of Product.

  • yeah I figured out.. oh well seems mappings can't pass references.
    – swcraft
    Sep 16, 2021 at 22:37

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