What is the use of -1 in instructorAccts.push(_address) -1?

function setInstructor(address _address, uint _age, string _fName, string _lName) public {
    var instructor = instructors[_address];        
    instructor.age = _age;
    instructor.fName = _fName;
    instructor.lName = _lName;

    instructorAccts.push(_address) -1;
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  • My guess is -1 was blindly copied from another example. push()-1 corresponds to the row in the array occupied by the appended element. As @goodvibration points out, the result of this work isn't assigned to anything (e.g. uint position = array.push(value) -1) so the extra work is pointless. – Rob Hitchens Jan 27 '19 at 22:19

The expression instructorAccts.push(_address) equals to the length of the instructorAccts array after pushing the _address item into it.

The expression instructorAccts.push(_address) - 1 equals to the length of the instructorAccts array before pushing the _address item into it.

In your example, since this value is not stored or used in any manner, this expression has no effect.

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