I am currently deploying my ChangeManager contract in truffle and I want to call the contract later in Nethereum. For this I need the contract address in Nethereum. I figured I could just create an event which is emitted in the constructor like so emit ChangeManagerEvent(address). Currently I am testing this in a truffle testsuite but I can't seem to filter for the events triggered in the constructor of my ChangeManager contract. How can I subscribe to events which have been emitted by the constructor in truffle?

contract('ChangeManager', function (accounts) {
it('should have emitted event with contract address', async function () {
    changemanager = await  ChangeManager.deployed();
    var event = changemanager.allEvents();

    event.watch(function (error, result) {
        if (!error)
            console.log("Result: ", result.event);

The goal of this undertaking is to call the contract in Nethereum after I have received the constructor event there. Maybe you have a better suggestion how I could access a contract deployed by truffle in Nethereum.

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I have found out how to get the event in the truffle test suite:

var event = changemanager.allEvents({fromBlock: 0, toBlock: 'latest'});

It seems not to default to this option. Would be still happy to get suggestions on how to pass contract addresses from truffle to Nethereum.

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