I just updated to Solidity 5 and Truffle Beta and am testing my contracts in JavaScript.

I am trying to test my constructor events and want to use as per truffle-assertions documentation :

truffle-assertions offers the possibility to create a transaction result object from a contract instance and a transaction hash, which can then be used in the other functions that the library offers.

let contractInstance = await Contract.new(); let result = await

truffleAssert.eventEmitted(result, 'TestEvent');

When I run the following line of code but applied to my contract and then check the event it doesn't work anymore (but did fine with the previous version):

let result = await truffleAssert.createTransactionResult(contractInst, contractInst.transactionHash);
truffleAssert.eventEmitted(result, 'Started');

Here is the following error that is returned in the Terminal when I run truffle test:

AssertionError: Event of type ContractStarted was not emitted
    No events emitted in tx 0x8ed0e7489....

I console.log(result) and it does return a transaction hash. I'm not sure what I should do to get it to work and wonder if it might be due to truffle-assertions createTransactionResult not having been updated for the latest version? Or am I missing a line of code that I now need with the newer version?

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Thank you for using my truffle-assertions library. Apparently this was caused by a bug in the function. I fixed the bug, and published a new version 0.7.1 to npm that you can use. Using this version should fix your issue.

If there are any remaining issues, please open an issue on the repository.


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