In mist browser, I can open Develop | Toggle Developer Tools | Wallet UI and go to the console tab. I can type in all sorts of commands here that control the browser. For example, I can remove unneeded contracts from the watch contract screen with CustomContracts().find().fetch() and then remove.

Question: is the console command line in Mist the same command line I get when I start geth in a terminal window?

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No, those are 2 different things.

Browser console.

The Browser Console is like the Web Console, but applied to the whole browser rather than a single content tab.

Opening the Browser Console

geth Console

It is a terminal interface to interact with the go-ethereum utility.

enter image description here

If you write javascript functions using web3 to interact with a geth console, you can see the functions available in the Browser Console. Means you can invoke geth console from Browser Console.

enter image description here


The console in Mist is just the Javascript Console and allows you to do any functions that are in the Javascript of the Mist UI.

Geth command line tools are totally different.

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