I've tried downloading the Ethereum wallet but it's taken weeks to download blocks. The only other option is MyEtherWallet. I asked on Reddit someone said theirs a way to do it with MyEtherWallet and MetaMask but I need to know exactly how to do it.

Any online tutorials or detailed explanations on how to do this?

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TL;DR use browser solidity http://remix.ethereum.org for writing and testing smart contract.

When you are using Ethereum wallet, you are actually connecting to either ethereum mainnet or testnet. For development and learning purpose the best solution is to create private Ethereum network. You can find a lot of tutorials online. Here is the one I created for my personal use.

Create a private network of your own and then connect the wallet to that network or use the Web3js javascript console(recommended) to deploy your contracts to the network. This tutorial will help you get started with web3js.


Few options here:

  1. Deploy using parity. Warp sync should take less than an hour.

You should be able to start a production node that both listens to RPC and provides UI via:

parity —geth —chain ropsten —force-ui —jsonrpc-cors

If you wish to experiment with a test network I recommend doing that first. Here's how to start a node that automatically unlocks a wallet for easier testing:

parity —geth —chain ropsten —force-ui —jsonrpc-cors http://localhost —reseal-min-period 0 —unlock 0x00... —password ./path-to-password-file.txt
  1. Deploy using an Infura node

    You can interact with Infura nodes both via RPC and HTTP calls. Here's the official documentation and an independent tutorial on how to deploy a contract using Truffle


You need bytecode of contract ro be deployed. You can remix to get bytecode.

  • Paste you contract code in remix editor
  • Click on the details tab
  • Under BYTECODE section copy the data under objects section.
  • Copy bytecode from there
  • Open MEW--> COntracts Tab--> Deploy Contract
  • Paste the bytecode there
  • The gas will be filled automatically. It is recommended not to change that
  • Choose the account from which you want to deploy
  • Send Tx. Once Tx is mined, your contract is created.

Note: This was for contracts without constructor params. If your contract has constructor params you need to do little more. Check out my medium post Deploying contract using byteCode


You cannot create contracts in MEW

However if you connect MEW to your local tesetnet or testrpc and deploy the contract there, you can use MEW interface to contract with contract.

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    This is not correct. You can deploy contracts using bytecode Commented May 16, 2018 at 20:00

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