I have a test code on Remix and have been getting ParseError: Expected Primary Expression. The error happens in function Enquiry -- at event definition - line.

ParserError: Expected primary expression. event itemsListDisplay (bytes32 itemId, bytes32 itemDescription, bytes32 auctionStatus); ^

My reason for using event is to display a listing when the function is called by an approved participant. Each listing of items would be in a new line.

Any other suggestion for improved code style will also help.

Thanks. Below is the test code.

contract Request is MasterContract, 
ApprovedParticipantsContract, ApprovedItemsContract {

    function Enquiry (address _address) returns (bool flag) {

    event itemsListDisplay (bytes32 itemId, bytes32 itemDescription, bytes32 auctionStatus);        

    if (approvedParticipantsList[_address].isValue) {

        uint len = itemsList.keys.length;

        for (uint i = 0; i < len; i++)  {

            bytes32 myItemId = itemsList.keys[i].itemId;
            bytes32 myItemDescription = itemsList.keys[i].itemDescription;
            bytes32 myAuctionStatus = itemsList.keys[i].auctionStatus;

            itemsListDisplay(myItemId, myItemDescription, myAuctionStatus);


        return true;


    return false;



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You should define the event log outside the function with/after your state variables. Then emit events as transactions happen.

contract Thing {

  event LogSomethingHappened(address sender, uint amount);

  function doSomething(uint qty) public returns(bool success) {
    LogSomethingHappened(msg.sender, qty);
    return true;

Hope it helps.


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