I can see events in a private net, but when I connect to "real" net, I can not see them. Meaning .watch(function(err, result) is never called. My theory is I am using lightning, and it probably means events are not loaded.

Am I correct? What else can it be?

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I am not sure if this is correct, please tell me if I am wrong, but as you are running a ligth node, you migth follow this step if you have not done it yet:


Light clients want to "watch" for events that are logged. The protocol here is the following: A light client gets all block headers, checks for block headers that contain bloom filters that match one of a desired list of addresses or topics that the light client is interested in Upon finding a potentially matching block header, the light client downloads all transaction receipts, checks them for transactions whose bloom filters match Upon finding a potentially matching transaction, the light client checks its actual log RLP, and sees if it actually matches

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