My geth blockchain sync is stalling with the error message:

I0323 07:46:09.085264 3027 downloader.go:267] Synchronisation failed: no peers to keep download active

I've tried to restart it but it syncs again for a while and then stalls again, it seems to repeat this pattern.

Any idea why this happens?


If you are trying to sync with testnet, there seems to not be many peers running on this testnet. I got the same errors, but just restarted geth and eventually the blockchain was synced.

I've not encountered this problem on mainnet. Please reply / edit your question if you did encounter this issue on mainnet and we can try to work through this problem.


I've got these errors too from time to time with 3 ethereum nodes (1 instance in Windows 10, another instance on Ubuntu 16 and another one on CentOS) running geth on mainnet. Waiting for a while use to fix it. If the error takes too long to disappear, restarting geth fixes it too.

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