I'm new to ethereum, I followed the installation guide and chose to go with the Geth Go-implementation.

The first command i run was geth --console that downloaded all the blocks, one issue though is that it keeps doing so since blocks are mined quite often. Should I let it continue?

I'm using Ubuntu 14.4.

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  • Thanks, Well I would like to start developing Dapps using Solidity. How do I get the IDE? – Kizito Mar 17 '16 at 13:10
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  • @eth please help.. I want to transfer erc20 tokens to the other ether address on a main network , i know that testrpc is for test network but what we need to do for connecting to main network ?? – veeresh kumbar Apr 14 '18 at 5:29

Type geth attach to recieve a console of your running geth instance and attach it to it.

After that you can run commands in that terminal. Try eth, net or admin.

Or for example to get the connected peers count:

> net.peerCount

Or check the latest block number:

> eth.blockNumber

Check out the full reference on command line options.

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