I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed, and I just installed Mist. To my understanding, installing Mist should have installed Geth as well, but when I do the command


in a terminal, I receive

geth: command not found


Is this supposed to happen? Am I doing it wrong?

More context:

I installed the Mist-linux64-0-10-0.zip found on https://github.com/ethereum/mist/releases , then I extracted it in a folder, and then I run the


command, which opens up mist, and I downloaded the blockchain from there. So mist works as far as I can tell. However I was unable to import a private key for some odd reason because when I go to

  • File > Import accounts

It is grayed out. I don't know if this is geth related, but I saw online tutorials that teach you how to import private keys with geth if you're having problems the other way. Though since I can't seem to get geth to work, I am at a standstill.

All help is very much appreciated!

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Needs to b run from root folder. Try 'systemctl start geth' , 'geth attach' for mainnet.


Mist distro does not include geth executable, but according to README, Mist downloads the latest geth version and stores in into its configuration folder. For Linux it is ~/.config/Mist, so look there.

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