I spent a couple of hours on upgrading web3 API to v0.15.3 in geth (on Mac OSX) with no effect. I installed the newest geth and it says:

  api: "0.13.0",
  client: "Geth/v1.3.4/darwin/go1.6",
  ethereum: "63",

Which says that api is 0.13.0 (from Sep 2015) although geth is 1.3.4 (Feb 2016).

I tried to install the newest web3 0.15.3 with npm install web3 but it only creates a local directory node_modules with web3 and some more subdirectories.

To be honest, I completely do not know, what to do with that directory and how to tell geth that I have a new version of web3. Geth still says api: 0.13.0.

Could anyone give me a hint? How to update the web3 API version in geth?


It looks like its cooked into geth here:


    "version": "0.13.0"

I'd ask one of the contributors to this file to see if it needs to be updated yet. (I'm sure they'll update it as testing allows.)

Here is a summary on each of the new web3.js major features.

  • Geth is hard coded, we need to update.. i will let the team know – Fabian Vogelsteller Mar 22 '16 at 11:06
  • 1
    This answer is three and a half years old. Is it still true that web3 in geth cannot be upgraded? – Thorkil Værge Dec 4 '19 at 12:37
  • Now five years old. Any update? – Thorkil Værge Apr 1 at 9:00

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