I was going through the "Setup Local zkNode" section in the Polygon zkEVM Developer Guides and came across the following line: If you are unable to meet the Prover requirements, you can still run the zkNode. I have a few questions related to this:

  1. What does it actually mean? Are zkNode and zkProver separately executable?
  2. Can I run zkNode without the zkProver locally (considering I don't have the resources to run a zkProver on my system)?
  3. When I execute the 'make run' command in the zkNode directory, is it running without the zkProver?
  4. If it is, I still see a zk-prover docker container created. What's that for?

Sorry for asking so many questions in the same thread, I am quite confused. Original discussion post here, but asking on ETH StackExchange as I got no response so far.


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