I have 3 Amazon Ec2 instances (each with a Geth node running on them) and I'm running over them my Private Geth Ethereum (PoA) blokchain and I wanted to ask if it was necessary to specify the IPs of all 3 of my amazon AWS machines when I define the

      host: ip-aws-machine,
      port: 8546,            
      network_id: "netID",       
      from: "address",  

in the truffle_config.js.

For example, if the machine with the ip that I entered in truffle_config.js shuts down, my network will be unusable.

Since the truffle_config.js allows me to enter only one IP, I don't want that when I launch the transactions, they all end up on the node referring to that specific IP. Do you think I have to handle this thing to avoid problems or will the PoA consensus algorithm take care of it?


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