I created a new Gnosis Safe last week and when I go to the page on Etherscan, I can’t mark it as a proxy to interact with it. It has an error about not being able to find the implementation contract. I have an old Gnosis Safe that I am able to do this with. Any idea why it might be different or how to fix it?

  • Hey, can you paste the safe address
    – donoso.eth
    Apr 19 at 8:50
  • @donoso.eth Sure, it’s: 0xd12745b5CA546A408a35e8C77d81Aa0a7526DE7b
    – ASaBs14
    Apr 20 at 23:18

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I checked your Safe address on Etherscan and it's not showing any transactions.

In order for verification to work, we've found that there needs to be at least one incoming or outgoing transaction that shows up on Etherscan.

See: https://docs.safe.global/learn/safe-core/safe-core-account-abstraction-sdk/relay-kit#option-1-verify-contract-in-block-explorer

So the simplest solution is to send a small amount of ETH into that Safe and then try the verification step again.

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