I have written a simple blog post contract in solidity.

contract  Blog {
    uint256 counter ;
    struct BlogPost {
        uint256 id;
        string title;
        string content;
        address user;
    BlogPost[] public posts;
    function createPost(string calldata _title, string calldata _content) external {
        BlogPost memory newPost;

I have deployed my contract on a localnode. I have a few questions on what's happening here:

  1. When I deploy the contract, how and what is getting stored on the blockchain?
  2. When I call the createPost() function, where is the array of structs(BlogPost struct) getting stored on the blockchain? Is it stored on a single block or shared between mulitple blocks?
  3. When I call the createPost() function, what happens on the blockchain?

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There is that very useful article: https://jeancvllr.medium.com/solidity-tutorial-all-about-structs-b3e7ca398b1e

And you can also use the debugger on remix to see what's happening to the storage of your smart contract when you call 'createPost()'.

Hope this helps!

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