Sites such as Etherscan and Polygonscan read and show the balance of native tokens of many addresses and the balance of internal contract tokens (ex ERC20).

Do these sites get all address data from node through json-rpc API every time?

Or, when you show it on the site, Does the site read and show the data of the node's state file directly?

If you are operating a node, I wonder if it is possible to read the balance of addresses by block height as if reading a file rather than json-rpc API.

The current goal is to find out the balance of all addresses whose balance is changed at a specific block height... The problem is that the speed is not enough to call json-rpc every time...

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Both Etherscan and Polygonscan get address data from nodes through JSON-RPC API. The sites read and show the data either directly from the chain data stored by all of the full clients, or calculated the data from it.




By the way, Ethereum 2.0 progresses in epochs, not blocks, so I don't think you can use block heights.

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