Etherchain and Etherscan provide information about the Ethereum blockchain.

What tools exist that will allow me to extract similar data from my local Ethereum (.ldb) files?


For now, there are only 2 open source Ethereum blockchain explorers and both of them are a bit outdated it seems.



Those are the only open source tools available to extract your Ethereum ldb files at the moment.

Check this StackExchange Answer for an up to date list of open source Ethereum Explorers.

  • I was actually looking for something that would operate on my local .ldb files, and not go through the web3 API, something that could be used on a private testnet.
    – glider
    Feb 16 '16 at 22:52
  • Web3 APIs work on local test nets in exactly the same way as they do on the frontier network, silly me!
    – glider
    Feb 16 '16 at 23:03

Yeah, there are libraries like

  1. A lightweight ethereum block explorer

And for Bitcoin.

  1. An open source block explorer
  2. bitcoin-blockexplorer

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