in javascript and in solidity if you need to get gata from array index you can write like that let data = array[ index ] but in the testing phase, i saw javascript got data from array like this array ( index )

my array in solidity address[] public funders;

while testing in hardhat via JS

 it("add funders to array funders array", async () => {
        await fundMe.fund({ value: sendValue })
        let funder = await fundMe.funders(0)

        assert.equal(funder, deployer)

as i know, in javascript and solidity, array works like that array [ index ] but how is this working. ????? it shows error if i use [ ] to get data from array.

image (6)

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funders exactly is a function. Because you define funders in Solidity is public array, Solidity will auto generate a getter function for it with the same name like: function funders(uint index) public returns (address). You can read more in docs.

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