So I have gotten to the point in my NFT project where I am testing the minting from the website that I setup to mint from. I deployed to Rinkeby, and when I go to mint NFTs on my website, I get the error "Contract Execution reverted." Then when I go to Etherscan it tells me that Value transfer did not complete from a contract execution reverted I will attach my mint function here.

function whitelistMint(
    uint256 amount,
    bytes32[] calldata merkleProof
  ) public payable nonReentrant {
    address sender = _msgSender();

    require(wlIsActive, "Whitelist sale is not open");
    require(_verify(merkleProof, sender, maxWhitelistMint), "You are not whitelisted");
    require(amount <= maxWhitelistMint - _alreadyMinted[sender], "Insufficient mints left");
    require(msg.value == mintPrice * amount, "Incorrect payable amount");

    _alreadyMinted[sender] += amount;
    _internalMint(sender, amount);

Could this be an issue with gas estimation? Or is there a problem with my mint function? The weird part is that I can mint directly from Etherscan.


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The failed transaction calls the function with id 0xba41b0c6 which refers to the function

mint(uint256 amount, bytes32[] merkleProof)

But there isn't a function mint with that signature in the verified contract. There's a mint(uint256 amount) and whitelistMint(uint256 amount, bytes32[] merkleProof).

The contract doesn't have a fallback function so the call fails because there's nothing to execute.

You have to modify the code to call whitelistMint instead of mint.

  • Ok ,so this is an error in my front-end code. I am using a no code website builder, and it is a pain to use with JavaScript. I was using my contract ABI to call the whitelistMint function, but I guess it was still looking for mint(). Jun 6, 2022 at 17:46

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