Been waiting for a long time to be able to access a decentralized exchange. When will EtherEx be launched and will it support BTC ETH pair?

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On the etherex subreddit someone asked if the project was still alive. The answer given was

Yes it is, it's just been quiet lately. The Token Standard is being finalized, something that was crucially needed for this project to move forward. Integration with btcrelay is ongoing with an already working implementation on the testnet. There are constant updates to the UI, with most of the upcoming work focusing on improving the general UX and trading experience.

We're currently organizing the security audit, the most important step before going live.

The FAQ has the question:

How will cryptocoins that are not on the ethereum blockchain (BTC, LTC, etc) work on EtherEx?

The first version of Ethereum will not be able to store off chain cryptocoins in contracts. Therefore, we are tasked in the short term with finding a way to incorporate these into our trading engine while also sticking to our core principals of openness and decentralization. We are exploring many options and think a combination of resources currently available to the public (such as multisig wallets) will give us the ability to make this happen efficiently. Once a future version of Ethereum fully supports off chain cryptos, this will be a much easier task.

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