Currently a Jr. Developer / Network Admin. / AD Domain Admin / IT Analyst at Davidson Logistics. I did not do their corporate site, I have a proposed re-write that has been done for months the executives have yet to approve. Please don't judge me on their terrible web presence.

Here are some of the languages / frameworks I currently develop in:

  • C# (primary)
  • Java
  • Python (favorite language)
  • HTML5/CSS3/Javascript
  • ASP.NET (WebForms/Mvc)
  • Xamarin.Android

I currently develop and maintain a suite of application I have dubbed Smart Warehouse:

  • Web API / MVC dashboard
  • Android Application for Zebra TC70x devices (User App / Device Control MDM app)
  • Desktop Application
  • MS SQL Server Back-end Database
  • Server Application

I have a lot of fun and love exploring new technologies and different ways to leverage them. Currently working on bringing this logistics company into the future, less paper, more automation.

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