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Decode ByteCode contract

How to decode a ByteCode contract on etherscan for exemple :
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How to find contract change by reverse engenering bytecode changes?

A while ago I deployed a smart contract, which has not been verified. Since then I have created a few newer versions, so the original one got lost in commits. My question is using bytecode comparison, ...
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Is "msg.sender.token1().gas(msg.gas)" too low-level call?

Context : I decompiled this contract( which is the attacker's smartcontract that hacked MEV-bot. You can check the ...
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how do I decompile a code that has some bugs inside using bytecode?

i was tried to understand the codes inside a SC on BSC recently and i found some weird codes inside the decompiled section. i know some little solidity programming and tried to use Remix to reverse it ...
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Is there a way to get solidity code from bytecode [duplicate]

Recently I had used solidity optimizer. And after reading more about how it works I was interested in trying to go deeper. One of the things I wanted to do was to see how the "solidity" code ...
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how to decompile smart contract bytecode? [duplicate]

I don't want the whole bytecode to solidity. I just want that bytecode have fallback function and it's content. is feature in the bytecode about fallback function? about external contract call, ...
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Is there a Solidity decompiler? [duplicate]

Is there a decompiler that will convert Solidity byte code back into source code? I am wondering how to verify code of contracts that are published to the blockchain.
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How can you decompile a smart contract?

On the blockchain I can inspect the code of a contract, and see the EVM opcodes. Is there a way to decompile this and convert it back to (Solidity) source code?
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