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2 votes
1 answer

How to verify block.hash post-merge (block > 15.5M)?

I've tried endless combinations and failed to reproduce the block.hash by hashing the block.header for post-merge blocks. Could someone in simple terms explain what are the exact current elements in ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is it profitable for a miner to manipulate blocks in a small Ethereum project?

In the context of my blockchain project, I’m using the blockhash() function to generate randomness. However, I’m concerned about the potential vulnerability of this method. I’d like to know if, in a ...
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0 votes
1 answer

How to rebuild ethereum block hash using Solidity/JavaScript [duplicate]

Can someone point me to a good resource to see how a BLOCK HASH is being built by hashing the BLOCK HEADER fields (which fields and how to process/encode them - keccak/rlp)? My main goal is to get the ...
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3 answers

why blockhash is returning the same value?

I have been trying to learn about blockhash in Solidity, I have made search about it and still I cant get it. I deployed two contracts on Polygon Mumbai by using Remix. One of them is with block ...
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