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why the error is not checked in Hex2Bytes of bytes.go? I am looking at the following codes
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MEV bot on Github - does it look like a scam? [duplicate]

this one was recently added to Github, my first opinion is that it is probably a scam. Can anyone take a look and let me know if anything fishy is in the smart contract code? If so then I will report ...
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Audit Vulnerability Findings

As a person who is interested in smart contract auditing but have never done before I have this question in my head. What if an auditor finds a lets say critical vulnerability which will enable him to ...
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Can DAO smart contracts be used to handle issues such as centralized manipulation or initial token distribution?

I wrote an ERC20 smart contract extending standard openzepplein ERC20.sol. While Certik audit, it exposes centralized manipulation and initial token distribution issues. I am wondering if I can handle ...
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Safe Module Audit Status

I am building a product using Safe and am interested in using Safe Modules and Guards, but as these introduce possible vulnerabilities by granting a contract root access to a Safe account, I am ...
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Purpose of pegged asssets

I'm auditing my first smart contract for a protocol that issues pegged assets collateralized by liquid ETH staking tokens. It also has a decentralized orderbook exchange where you can buy and sell the ...
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Ask about Reentrancy [Sample reentrant code]

How an attacker could exploit this kinda reentrant SC? pragma solidity ^0.8.2; contract Private_Bank { mapping (address => uint) public balances; uint public MinDeposit = 1 ether; ...
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What is an re-entrancy attack and how does it work?

With the recent exploit on the omnipools on Conic Finance. The hacker used an exploit called: re-entrancy attack. How does it work explained in layman terms? And what should smart contract auditors ...
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What is an example of a runtime verification tool being used to audit a smart contract?

Runtime Verification i a computing system analysis and execution approach based on extracting information from a running system and using it to detect and possibly react to observed behaviors ...
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Is this problem a front-running or race-condition or something else?

What is the correct name of this problem in audit terms? If I have a contract that sells NFTs. The address with the most NTFs has a very high chance to win a prize. The problem is that 1 address can ...
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