I try to make GraphQL work on Geth (version 1.10.1-stable) without any success.

I try to run this query, but I only get 404.

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "query": "{syncing{startingBlock currentBlock highestBlock}}"}' http://localhost:8545/graphql

...also tried port 8547 and without /graphql but no success. Am I missing something?

I run Geth using the following config:

# config.toml
IPCPath = "geth.ipc"
HTTPHost = ""
HTTPPort = 8545
HTTPCors = ["*"]
HTTPVirtualHosts = ["localhost"]
HTTPModules = ["web3", "eth"]
WSHost = ""
WSPort = 8546
WSOrigins = ["*"]
WSPathPrefix = "/ws"
WSModules = ["web3", "eth"]
GraphQLVirtualHosts = ["localhost"]
GraphQLCors = ["*"]

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You need to launch the node with --graphql

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