I need a way to pass an arbitrary ERC-20 token symbol and get a price for it in return. The Solidity interface should look something like this:

function getPrice(string memory symbol) external view returns (uint256);

I browsed through the Chainlink docs but I didn't find something that answers my question. I only saw bespoke instances of asset price aggregators, like this contract that provides ETH/USD data on Kovan.

Does Chainlink provide an aggregator contract for AggregatorV3Interface instances?

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It looks like you're looking for an on-chain mapping of Symbol -> USD price.

I'm not sure it makes sense to aggregate aggregators if you're looking for an interface as described.

You have two options to get a mapping of Symbol -> USD Price.

  1. Create the mapping yourself This is what Aave currently does

It would be nice if there was a library for all this... which leads us to #2

  1. Use ENS

This way you can just append the Symbol of the string you want to -usd.data.eth

ie, if you want ETH / USD:


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