I used eth_sendTransaction with Parity to send some funds, but it does not seem to be getting mined.

The TX ID: 0x2b9d3c36d2cf2e56b5779f47c821791bdc6a0835b8b79c873bc221ff9e9e6a75

The raw transaction: 0xf86d0b85052804393483030d4094f1c19dbd4a9cf2693f55704911fbcde5f40d15b8881bc16d674ec80000801ba00ed29289d190f617db636b97b1186a3d7b7495fa6529619e22146515acc4c5c0a02dadd44c7242549378750b49ee761e603f297de370703a6578f14a10e3a3aa7f

I also have tried re-broadcasting the raw transaction here: https://etherscan.io/pushTx

Which seemed to work and give the same transaction ID, and then when re-attempting it gives the error: Transaction with the same hash was already imported.

So it seems that the transaction has been broadcast from both my node and from etherscan, but it isn't get confirmed?

I checked the gasprice which is the same as many other transactions being confirmed (0.000000022146201908 Ether) and the gas amount is sufficient.

Is there something wrong with this transaction?

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The problem I found was that Parity had skipped a nonce, so that the next nonce was actually "0xa", but Parity decided to put "0xb" into the transaction.

To resolve this I created another transaction specifically adding nonce of "0xa"

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