What can be the better alternative for someone who is willing to store data off-chain?

What smart-contract suppose to do is just sign a transaction and perform, while every piece of information needs to be saved off-chain. IPFS is one of the popular distributed storage systems but is there any other platform that Dapps usually pick for storage?

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There isn't rights answer to your question, depends on the use case and on the business model.

If you want to adopt a full decentralize ecosystem use a distributed decentralize storage (like ipfs, storj ecc)

If you want to store data offchain use legacy file system :) Database or local system. There isnt a better way but a different model to use data.

Database for caching bypass performance Local storage for security ex app mobile Nosql db for not structured data Elastic stack for analytic And so

  • Yeah, the requirement is such that smart-contract data storage may change over time so everything I would like to store in off-chain. SO that overtime if the contract gets changed then I can easily retrieve the information saved so far.
    – NinjaMAN
    Commented Jul 31, 2020 at 3:53

To complete the first answer, there is a distributed storage platform, called Swarm (https://swarm.ethereum.org/), that has been specially built to work with Ethereum dApps.

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