I have a few questions regarding crypto wallet accounts and currencies.

Recently I came across https://www.bitaddress.org/. This website generates bitcoin wallets. Now, when I tried to verify that account created by this website, I searched for a bitcoin address validator and in that, I used that address given by that website and it worked.

Just out of curiosity, I went to https://etherscan.io and tried to check that address but it didn't work.

I want to know

  1. Are Bitcoin wallet and Ethereum wallet are created differently? if yes, What is the process?
  2. Using a bitcoin wallet, can I receive Ethereum ... or other cryptocurrencies?
  3. Is there something all a common wallet generator that can work with all kind of cryptocurrencies.
  4. Can anyone explain the process involved in creating Ethereum wallet and Bitcoin wallet.

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  1. No, they use a different algorithms to generate addresses.
  2. No, you cannot use a bitcoin address to receive ethers, or any other cryptocurrency.
  3. Yes, there are "Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets".
  4. For Ethereum see this: How are ethereum addresses generated?

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