I currently run Forked Ethereum via Parity. I'm assuming my Ether from before the fork is available on this chain. However, does it also still exist on the Ethereum Classic chain? I tried researching this and saw something about how you had to 'split' your Ether across chains, which only confused me more.

The reason I'm asking is Poloniex just added ETC - Ethereum Classic, and now I'm wondering whether my Ether persisted on both chains and can now basically be sold twice if I run both chains (on separate computers). Which seems somewhat strange. Can anyone weigh in?

Edit: apparently it's true - would still like some more info on this.

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    I'm just waiting for the rise of The DAO Classic, or DAOC. :-) Jul 24, 2016 at 7:55

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Ether is in both chains.

If you start making transactions from both chains, you need to be very careful of replay attacks. See What is a replay attack? and How to prevent a replay attack between two competing chains?

For example, if you give someone legacy Ether without doing any precautions, they can replay that transaction and obtain that same Ether on the hard fork chain.

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