Hey I am making a smart contract that create another smart contracts. Organization.sol create Session.sol . When I create a session using createdSession function I got it's address and I already had the abi. Now I need to deploy the contract from the browser(to use function like take_feedback or seeResult). Could anyone tell me how please. I run my contract in localhost using truffle develop command and MetaMask.

Solidity code

pragma solidity 0.5.0;

contract Session {

      address public creator;  // The address of parent Organization

      string sessionName;
      string description;
      uint startTime;
      uint endTime;
      address[] lecturer;
      address[] attendes; 

      int[] result; 
      mapping(address => int) public attendes_feedback; //institution boardMembers
      modifier onTime(uint _startTime){
            require(now < _startTime);
      constructor (string memory _sessionName, string memory _description, uint _startTime,uint _endTime,address[] memory   _lecturer,address[] memory  _attendes) public onTime(_startTime){

              sessionName =  _sessionName;
              description = _description;
              startTime = _startTime;
              endTime = _endTime;
              attendes = _attendes;
              lecturer = _lecturer;

    function initAttendes(address[] memory _attendes) private{
           for(uint i=0 ; i < _attendes.length ; i++){
            attendes_feedback[_attendes[i]] = -1;

    function Time() public view returns (bool){
       return (now >=  startTime  && now <= endTime);          

    modifier checkTime(){
    function take_feedback(address _voter,uint8 _feedback)  public checkTime {
          require(attendes_feedback[_voter] != 0);
          attendes_feedback[_voter] = _feedback;

  function seeResult() public view returns(int[] memory){
          return result;


contract Organization {

     address creator;
     event sessionnCreated(string name,address sessionAddress ,address creator);

     /*  modifier onlyCreator(){
        require(msg.sender == creator);
    } */
     function createdSession(
      string memory _sessionName,
      string memory _description,
      uint _startTime,
      uint _endTime,
      address[] memory _lecturer,
      address[] memory _attendes
     ) public   returns(address) {

        Session sessionAddress = new Session(_sessionName , _description , _startTime , _endTime, _lecturer,_attendes );
        emit sessionnCreated(_sessionName,address(sessionAddress),creator);
        return address(sessionAddress);

Web3js Code

    initSession: async function(_address) {
            var abi = web3.eth.contract(SessionArtifact.abi);
            var session = abi.at(_address);
            alert("your session is created!!") 
             /*Deploy Contract here!*/   
               //need to deploy contract first before calling functions
            /*Call  function */
            await session.take_feedback('0xa8ff46045fa2c6a0af361819b62126e1b0ec8909', 5).send({ from: this.account });


If you have the address of the contract it is most likely already deployed.

You want to access the deployed contract I guess. For that you can just create a new contract with web3 and pass the address as the second parameter.

var sessionAddress = await organizationContract.createdSession(...);
var sessionContract = web3.eth.contract(SessionArtifact.abi, sessionAddress);
var creator = await sessionContract.methods.creator().call();
  • I edited my answer, try again please. – TheFrozenOne May 2 '19 at 20:44
  • Unfortunately, It keep telling me "' creator method undefined ''' – yehia tarek May 2 '19 at 21:04
  • var sessionAddress; const { createdSession } = this.meta.methods; await createdSession(_sessionName, _description, _startTime, _endTime, _lecturer, _attendes).send({ from: this.account }); sessionAddress = await createdSession(_sessionName, _description, _startTime, _endTime, _lecturer, _attendes).call(); var sessionContract = web3.eth.contract(SessionArtifact.abi, sessionAddress); var creator = await sessionContract.methods.creator.call(); console.log(creator); – yehia tarek May 2 '19 at 21:04
  • I am sorry for how the code look like. I tried to make it more readable. use this link pastebin.com/xsqGp65Y – yehia tarek May 2 '19 at 21:11
  • Try var creator = await sessionContract.methods.creator().call(); – TheFrozenOne May 2 '19 at 21:52

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