Every time I try to send ETH to my locally deployed contract I get errors like this:

enter image description here

-While the error message says "out of gas" I know that can't be true since all my accounts have like 100ETH in them.

-The address to which I'm trying to send the ETH is that of a crowdsale contract I successfully deployed to localhost 8545 using truffle migrate

-I've tested this contract multiple times in truffle console by calling its functions - everything works fine, which is how I know its deployment was successful

-I'm not using geth or anything special - just localhost 8545

What's the problem here?


Apparently its a MetaMask quirk - you just need to reset it once in a while:

-go to Settings (tapping on the Icon in the top-right corner of the MetaMask window will bring out a menu, and if you scroll down that menu you'll eventually find Settings)

-Once in Settings, scroll down to, locate, and then tap on the Reset Account button


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